We strive to create a sustainable technological ecosystem and leave the world a better place.

  • Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT) Consultation

    We advise you and your project on if, how and when to ‘crowdfund’ budgets and setup a regulatory compliant framework.

  • Technological Advisors for funds

    We advise you or your fund on which 
    decentralised-currencies and -assets are technologically viable.

  • Technological Advisors for projects

    We advise you or your project on if, how and when to use Decentralised Ledger Technology (DLT) for your idea.

We partner with entities that share our mindset and goals.

Our subsidiaries are like branches of a tree, sustaining and beautifying life and our goals.

  • Simply VC

    Simply Virtual Currencies, consists of a team of security, cryptocurrency & business experts. Covering all things blockchain & distributed ledger technology.



    SKOED operates a data centre providing co-location and cloud-based solutions to numerous clients, with their primary focus being security, stablity and efficiency. The backbone of SKOED's services is to provide these products to clients working in the cryptoasset field, wit the aim of helping the community grow to its full potential.


    The Nursery School

    A child day care club in Malta, providing quality services and dedicated minds to look after the next generation. When it comes to attention and love, The Nursery School doesn’t tolerate shortcuts. Children’s interests are stimulated and integrated into daily activities, that change with the seasons or special occasions. “We love doing a job that puts a smile on your face” – The Nursery School.

  • Smartcow

    Creator of ‘The RaspberryPi for AI.’ A young and energetic company, designing and building edge hardware devices specifically for artificial intelligence (AI). Deep learning is done via -primarily- visual input from built-in (or connected) cameras. Neural Networks are stored on the devices and process data in real time to learn and adapt in their respective environment. No central servers or expensive data encryption is necessary to train & use AI systems.


    Malta Minerval Editions

    Bringing the collected works of Adam Weishaupt to the world, in English, French, and the original German.


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